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The One Dharma International Podcast presents a collection of Ven. Ryodo Yamashita’s English language Dharma talks. From the mountains of Japan to the jungles of Burma, Yamashita-sensei has 30 years of experience practicing and teaching meditation. His non-sectarian approach focuses on his “One Dharma Meditation Method.” The talks presented here are mostly from retreats held outside Japan, especially in India and Taiwan. They explore how we can transform our hearts and give birth to a new world here in the 21st century.

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We and They

12/03/11  New Delhi, India

From this talk: “Before being whatever religion, you’re just a human being. You have a body, you have a mind, you have this reality. We have a heart, and sometimes it’s painful. Let’s come back to this reality itself.”

Topics covered include interdependence, connections with traditions and teachers, problems with mindfulness, and the meaning of One Dharma. There is chanting in Hindi at the beginnning and a guided meditation during the second half of the podcast with Yamashita sensei’s One Dharma Method. Many of the ideas he outlines in the later part of this talk are tied to what has become known as Buddhism 3.0 in Japan.

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Meditation for Humanity


From this talk: “Meditation’s not a personal thing anymore..as humanity itself, we should meditate to advance one step further. It means from the world of thinking mind. Now everywhere…we are already reaching the limit…[there are] so many environmental problems, so many psychological problems. So now humanity, as a race, we are already reaching some kind of dead end. But I think it’s very good. Extremely good. Why? Because if we reach a dead end, it means, a dead end of one stage. The dead end of thinking mind…Now we can say goodbye to all of these kinds of things. We can only say goodbye when things don’t work well. .”

Topics covered include the truth the Japanese discovered after the great 2011 earthquake and tsunami, attachment to thinking mind, and form and formlessness..

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(This episode’s photo was taken 3 June, 2015 at Soma in Fukushima, Japan. Yamashita-sensei and a group of retreat participants held a walking meditation ceremony on the coastline in memory of the tsunami victims of March 11, 2011.)

Living as Blue Sky

12/09/12   Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

From this talk: “We are Blue Sky from the beginning, but with our thinking mind we couldn’t understand. Why? Because our thinking mind can understand only the world of form. Why? Because our thinking mind itself is form.”

Topics covered include remembering one’s original intention, the power of No and Yes, the pitfall of meditating with thinking mind, and Blue Sky, clouds, and identity. With a question and answer period at the end.

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Beyond Thinking Mind

12/07/12   Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

From this talk: “Suffering is self-created. That’s it. You made it. You created the suffering…but I’m not blaming you. I’m giving you hope.”

Topics covered include the first noble truth, criticizing mind, identifying as thinking mind, and who watches the breath. With a question and answer period at the end, including discussion about morality and saying “yes,” and saying “yes” in the face of social problems.

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